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Spring Photo Galleries will be available within one week of Picture Day. We highly suggest waiting until after the gallery is live to place an order. 

Online pre-orders start two weeks prior to picture day.


View Photo Galleries by scanning the QR code, or CLICK HERE to search your school or event. Enter the student ID number as the online code.

All orders ship directly home.

Free shipping is included until two weeks after Picture Day. After two weeks time, a $3 shipping fee will be added.

* If a paper order form does not contain a shipping address, orders will be delivered to the school.



Q: If I preorder and my child takes multiple photos, how do I know which photo I will receive?

If you pre-order spring photos, you are trusting Traditions Portraits to choose a pose for you. 

If you want to select your favorite pose(s) for your order, please wait until image galleries are live to order.

Q: Do I have to preorder for my child to take a picture?

Our photographers take a picture of every student that comes to their station, regardless of order status.

*If your campus opts for a Pre-Pay only Picture Day, admin or faculty will decide who gets have their photo taken based on order status. 

Q: Can I order for more than one child in the same transaction?

Yes, you can! After you add one child’s photos to your cart, click on the “View Gallery” text at the top of the screen.

  • If your other child is in the same school/ event, simply enter their student ID number as the online code.

  • If not, search the other school/ event and enter the online code for the next child. After adding the next child’s photos to the cart, repeat with any additional children. After all orders are added to your cart, you may place an order for all children on one transaction.

Q: What if I want a different background?

Unless a preferred standard background is selected, paper-form orders are printed with the default background shown. However, there are multiple background options available online.



Q: What is my online code?

 The Online Code is the school-issued student ID number. 

Note for Leagues Only:  The online code is the big number on the provided QR code. If you need any assistance, email us here.

Q: I scanned my child’s QR code when they got home from school and it’s not working. Why?

Galleries will not be live immediately after Photo Day. Our image processing team is hard at work, we will have your gallery live within 1 week.

Q: How do I see my child’s picture if they did not get a QR code slip?

Click Here to search for your School or Event. 

Enter your email and school-issued ID number as the online code.

* Please note that galleries may not be live until one week after Picture Day



Q: How long can I get free shipping?

Free shipping is included until two weeks after Picture Day. After two weeks time, a $3 shipping fee will be added.

Q: Will my child’s photos be delivered to the school?

No, your order will be shipped to the address provided when you place your order. 

* Orders will only be delivered to the school if a paper order form does not have a shipping address.



Q: What is the difference between spring photos and fall photos?

Underclass Fall Picture Day includes a standard pose, think 'Yearbook Picture.' 

Unlike Fall, Spring Picture Day includes a variety of poses and photos. To guarantee your favorite pose is printed, we suggest waiting until galleries are live to order. You are welcome to pre-order, but please note you are opting for Traditions Portraits to choose a pose for you.

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