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Everything You Need to Make Picture Day, Picture Perfect.

Spread the Word:

Communication is key. Let parents and students know that School Picture Day is on the way. Hang posters in the front office, post to social media accounts, school websites, online calendars, or send an email blast to parents announcing the date of school pictures. Be sure to include your school's online link! You may request your school's customized digital gallery link below. We have also included editable marketing materials you may post and share as you wish.

Have a Game Plan:

Here are some helpful tips to have School Picture Day run as smoothly as possible.
​Early Childhood/ Elementary Schools- Fall

If possible, begin the schedule with the lower grades first as well as special-needs students.
Please give younger grades preferential times.
*Note: Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and First Graders tend to take a full minute per student to photograph. Please plan accordingly.

Middle/High Schools- Fall
Each camera can photograph about 60-70 students per hour.
Individual photographs take less than a minute per camera for most grades.
Classes of 15 or less = 15 minute time slots
Classes of 16-25 = 20 minute time slots
Classes of 25-30 = 25 minute time slots

Specialized Photography
Some Picture Days include props (seniors/ spring picture day/ sports photos.)
These shoots will take longer than our standard fall photos. Please allow more time for our photographers to capture the best possible images of your students. 
Planning Makes Perfect. 

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Do not insert any breaks or “down time” in the schedule.

  • Please make sure teachers are aware of their scheduled time and are ready in advance. This will ensure a smooth flow to and from the cameras.

  • Do not double-book time slots. If a teacher needs to switch a time, please have them find another class to switch with in order to keep the schedule consistent.


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